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NewsToday: Amazon has fixed the problem of deactivating accounts for sellers all throughout the world, including Pakistan. Due to policy violations, Amazon alerted the sellers that their accounts were no longer operational and had been terminated.
Amazon's discovered "Account Health Rating" policy is good news for merchants all throughout the world. When Amazon implements the new policy, sellers will be required to maintain their account health rate above the limit of 250. Amazon has stated that their accounts will not be directly deactivated if sellers do not achieve the rating. As a result, they will only receive an email notice, and their accounts will be deactivated if they fail to meet Amazon's requirements.

The New Account Health program is now being implemented in Canada and the United States, but it will be expanded to additional nations in the coming months. A date for when it will be implemented in Pakistan is not yet determined, but it is expected to be within the next year.

Amazon has suspended 13,000 accounts in Pakistan, with the major cities of Mian Chanu and Sahiwal in Punjab designated as fraud hotspots. Fraudulent activities were discovered by the seller working in these areas.

Sabahat Abid


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