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Pakistani Women Uses Whatsapp more than Men: Survey Report

Sabahat Abid
18 November,2022

NewsToday: Pakistanis use WhatsApp on average for one hour a day, according to a survey. 

 As part of the survey conducted by Gallup and Gilani, survey participants were asked to reflect on the past few days and estimate how much time they spent using WhatsApp. Among those who answered this question, 40% had never used WhatsApp, 19% had used it for an hour, 19% for two hours, 3% for three hours, and 3% for four hours. 

Survey results showed that 5% of respondents used WhatsApp for five hours or more and 11% for more than five hours. Women use WhatsApp more than men. Approximately 3 hours a day are spent by men on WhatsApp and 5 hours by women, according to the report.

WhatsApp usage has reduced as people have grown older. Young people aged 18 to 23 used WhatsApp for an average of 7 hours each day, while individuals aged 24 to 30 used it for 3 hours, people aged 31 to 40 used it for 4 hours, and people over 50 used it for two hours. This poll was done on 1051 men and women from Pakistan's rural and urban provinces. This survey's margin of error is estimated to be 2 to 3%.

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