People are Sharing Social Reels More than 2 Billion Times in a Day, Mark Zuckerberg

Newstoday: Since Meta released short-form video reels, a main competitor to ByteDance's TikTok, time spent on Instagram has climbed by 24%. During the results call, Meta co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that reels are becoming increasingly social, with individuals resharing them more than two billion times every day. According to the report, the views become triple times higher in three months. Zuckerberg spotted the company's investments in (AI), which help in increasing the ratio of reels. He stated that the investment in reel suggestions and ranking systems produced significant results throughout the discovery engine. According to a study from last September, Reels has been unable to take market share away from its main competitor TikTok. The causes for the poor performance were attributed to 'low levels' of content generation. According to the survey, despite the presence of 11 million producers on the site, the majority of Reels received no engagement. The Meta representative denied the WSJ claim but stated that the firm needed to do more to keep Reels afloat.

Sabahat Abid


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