How to Prevent Dark Circles from Long Screen Time?

dark circles prevention tips

NewsToday:People's reliance on computers, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and televisions has increased during the Covid Pandemic. Long-term use of electronic screens can lead to major health problems, including dark circles. Dark Circles pigmentation under the eyes can give you a stressed appearance, lessening your attractiveness and making you feel sick. Here are some suggestions for reducing dark circles caused by excessive screen usage.

Tips to Prevent Dark Circles

1- Wear Eye Protector Glasses 

Digital screen lights are harmful to our eyes as they reach the inner lining of our eyes (retina). The study has shown that blue light damages sensitive cells in our retina that might cause muscle, vision loss, and dark circles. Eye Protectors Glasses shield the rays coming from digital screens. Before using any digital screen, people must wear protectors to prevent blue lights.

2- Adjust Computer Position

Position your Computer at a right angle to a light source. Bright light directly above your monitor screen can cause eye problems and dark circles.  If you can't modify the monitor's angle, close the window shutters or turn off/change the lights if there's a strong light behind the screen. You can reduce glare on a computer monitor by using a glare shield. The right computer angle helps keep your eyes from becoming black. 

3- Place yourself and eyes Away from the screen

The screen should be placed at a comfortable distance from you, allowing your head and eyes to relax without turning excessively. Before using a digital screen, keep it 20 inches away from your body and eyes. Concentrating on a screen may cause you to blink less, causing your eyes to get dry and painful. Place your computer screen between 40 and 76 cm (16 to 30 inches) away from your eyes.

4- Sleeping more can help lessen the look of dark circles.

A proper sleep routine is essential for maintaining excellent health and reducing dark circles. Your skin may become paler and darker if you lack sleep. The dark circles can be removed easily by getting enough sleep. If you get up too early and sleep late, your eyes can become black. People should sleep 6 to 8 hours daily; the older you become, the more sleep you need.

5- Green tea bags can help to reduce dark circles.

After using a digital screen, follow the healthy skin care instructions. To reduce dark circles, use green tea under and above your eyes. Green Tea Bags contain Caffeine, which may help narrow blood vessels and smooth blood flow. 

Treatments Available to Treat dark circles

1. Laser Therapy

Laser treatment is very effective in reducing dark pigmentation beneath the eyes. If the eye is vulnerable, it is preferred to avoid therapy. The most important thing is to get your therapy confirmed by the practitioner.

2- Filler Injectable

When cosmetics and skin care are no longer effective, non-surgical fillers might help you. The treatments are a little pricey, but they will help you reduce dark pigmentation under your eyes. People in poor health and pregnant women should avoid these treatments and therapies.

3- Microneedling 

Micro Needling is the injection needle procedure, which punctures the skin and injects skin cells to reduce dark circles. There will be redness after this therapy, and it will take a few days to recover. It is not particularly painful; you can relieve the pain and redness with lotion.


Before implementing any operation or therapy, consult with your doctor. These procedures are not recommended for serious health patients or pregnant women. Organic products are safe to use on the skin; however, organic products that include numerous chemicals can hurt your skin.

Sabahat Abid


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