Saudi Arabia Hires Women Drivers for High-Speed Trains for the First Time

NewsToday: Saudi Arabia first time in history, gave the right to women to drive the fast train. The law was passed in 2018, but recently 25 years old driver shared her experience with transportation services. The period was started in 2018, and the first level was completed in 2022, with the first batch of 32 females. The 32 females will be the first Saudi drivers to run SAR trains on 453 kilometers Haramain high-speed line between Mecca and Madina in Saudi Arabia.

Although unemployment in Saudi is too high, it rose 20.5% last year, compared to 4.3% for Saudi men. That figure, much like the flood, Saudi women are now interested in different fields like education and machine. Human Rights activists said that women continue facing discrimination about marriage, divorce, and decisions relating to children.

Sabahat Abid


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