Shireen Mazari Announces to Leave PTI and Politics

Shireen Mazari Leave PTI

Newstoday: Shireen Mazari, a key leader of the (PTI), has announced her resignation from the party and from politics. The proclamation follows the recent events on May 9 and 10, which she strongly condemned. Shireen Mazari spoke to the media at a press conference, emphasizing her strong condemnation of all forms of violence and her support for the victims and their families. The incident of 9th May must be investigated thoroughly to reveal all the thrust and the secrets that lie behind it .

 "I made an investigation in the IHC to ensure a fair and strong investigation," she stated. Shireen Mazari stressed the necessity of respecting state institutions and denounced any acts of hostility against them during her news conference. She notably cited attacks on key institutions like the General Headquarters (GHQ) and the Parliament, emphasizing the need of condemning such activities." I am no longer a member of the PTI or any political party," she said.

Sabahat Abid


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