Space Wedding! You Can Now Get Married In Space For Rs 1 Crore

American space agency

Newstoday: You may have heard of the habit of getting married in another city or to the other country, but now you may get married in a capsule enclosed in space hundreds of thousands of feet above the ground. The American space agency 'Space Perspective' has created the ideal facility for people getting married, allowing boys and girls to marry in space. During this time, they will also get the best and most spectacular view of the countryside.

The married pair will be sent into space atop a carbon-neutral Neptune balloon, according to the business. This balloon is designed in such a manner that it has enormous windows all around it that may be utilized to see the planets.The business has also stated that the spacecraft Neptune experience would be not only remarkable but also ideal for people planning a wedding. The capsule is expected to be released in 2024, and 1,000 tickets have already been sold.For one crore rupees per person, any couple can obtain the privilege of being married in space.

Sabahat Abid


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