Tayyip Erdogan Announces Victory in Presidential Elections

Turkiye Presidential elections

Newstoday: The presidential elections in Turkiye are on the go and the Erdogan party is on the lead after facing a downturn in the election race. The election started on Sunday and the Turkiye media indicated that the Justice and development party of Tayyib Erdogan will win this year for the president seat. At the time of the address, Erdogan has secured 49%  of the vote. Due to his more power and hold in the country he shows confidence in winning the elections with more 50% of the vote victory.

But unfortunately,none of the parties has secured more than 50 % of the vote. Now the run-off election is announced, scheduled for 28th May 2023. The Pakistanis residing in Turkiye also voted for Erdogan which made the people in doubt and indicated Tayyip's victory in the presidential election of 2023. Pakistan and the relations of Turkiye are always much welcoming and friendly. Recently the earthquake in Turkiye face much dismissal and the Pakistani government helped them out in this worse situation.

Sabahat Abid


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