Tech Allow Us to See People Through Walls Using WiFi Signals


Newstoday: Tech researchers team develop new innovative machine learning to detect the position of human infrastructure with the help of wifi signals. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University developed a deep learning method for tracing the position of thousands of human subjects by analyzing the phase and amplitude of WiFi signals and handling them using algorithms for computer vision in a paper that has yet to be peer-reviewed, as first reported by Vice.

"The study's results show that our model can predict the dense posture of many people with equal results to image-based techniques using WiFi signals as their sole input," the authors stated in their report. The researchers only use affordable Wifi and can track the location of the people other than the traditional camera. Researchers from MIT's Comp Sci and Ai Research Laboratory devised a method in 2018 to analyze radio waves that bounce off people's bodies to estimate their position in the form of changing stick figures. This current technique expands on earlier studies, perhaps leading to a more cost-effective way of tracking several people's exact whereabouts with higher precision.

Sabahat Abid


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