US Speaker Nancy Pelosi Resigns as House Democratic Leader

US Speaker Nancy Pelosi Resigns

NewsToday: The first female speaker of the U.s. House Of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, said Thursday that she would resign immediately when Republicans take control of the House in January. A news report reported that Nancy Pelosi announced she would not run for re-election to the Democratic leadership in the next Congress, saying a new generation should lead the party instead.
 Pelosi's resignation is a sign of the end of an era in Washington. Democratic Vice President Joe Biden praised Pelosi for being a fierce protector of democracy and the most productive House speaker in American history.

"Millions of Americans are enjoying better lives because of Nancy Pelosi," Biden stated in a statement, referring to Republicans who voted against her initiatives and frequently criticized her.
In reference to the attack on Capitol Hill by Donald Trump supporters, he stated that history would remember our commitment to safeguard our democracy from violent insurgency on this historic January 6th. Former President Barack Obama also honored Nancy Pelosi in a tweet, describing her as "one of the most effective politicians in American history," and noting, "I will always be thankful for her friendship and leadership."
She became Speaker of the House in 2007 after being elected to Congress in 1987.. She is known for keeping a tight hold on the party and presided over both of Trump's impeachments during his second term. Pelosi stated last week that her future would be determined by her husband's health, who was gravely injured in an attack before the Nov. 8 midterm elections. Nancy Pelosi commended Democrats on their better-than-expected midterm election result, stating that the American people utilized their right to vote last week to raise their voices in favor of freedom, the rule of law, and democracy.

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