Waqar Zaka Earned $7,800 with Bitcoin

Waqar Zaka Earned 7800 Dollars with Bitcoin in Just 2 Minutes on Live Video

Sabahat Abid
17 November,2022

NewsTodayOn November 10, Waqar Zaka made a fantastic forecast on live streaming video, which resulted in a profit of almost $7,8000 in just two minutes.

Waqar Zaka, a master financial analyst, predicts that the CPI in the United States will give rise to Bitcoin. Following his declaration, he swiftly prepared a bid that netted him millions in a matter of minutes.

On October 31st, he predicted a cryptocurrency crash, which came true. He has a strong following and has also urged them to steer clear of FTX for specific shows. His advice makes individuals wealthy, and most of his predictions come true.

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