Woman Lost her Sight due to Excessive Use of Smartphone in Dark

Indian Woman

NewsToday: While technology has many advantages, its misuse can also harm human health. As a result of excessive phone use, a woman lost her vision in the Indian city of Hyderabad. According to international media, a neurologist, Dr. Sudhir, told in social media that the woman who is just 30 years old and nearly gets blind, use of her smartphone in the dark was to blame. The doctor told me that most of the female patients came up to me with multiple vision problems, including blurriness and sighting images in random shapes, and couldn't focus on anything.

The doctor claimed that after she quit working to care for her crippled kid, she developed a smartphone habit and continued using it for two hours after dark. The woman's eyesight started to deteriorate as a result of phone use. The use of phones not only weakens our eyesight but also weakens our bones and body.

Sabahat Abid


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