World Muslim Leaders Strongly Condemn Quran Burning in Sweden

Condemn Quran Burning in Sweden

The Muslim world is angry over right-wing extremists burning Quran copy during a demonstration against Turkey opposing Sweden's NATO accession.

According to the international news agency, Right-wing leader Ramus Paludan burned a Copy of the Quran after Government permission and under the protection of the police. On Saturday, the incident took place outside the Turkish Embassy in Sweden. World Leaders and Muslim Countries have strongly condemned this brutal act of the Swedish administration for allowing the right-wing politician to burn the Quran.

World Leaders Remarks

On Saturday, 21st January, the demonstration was held against Turkey’s opposition to Sweden joining NATO.  The issue has already tightened bilateral relations bond Turkey and Sweden. Turkish Foreign Minister condemned this sinful act and stated that the heinous attack on our holy book under the guise of freedom of expression must be condemned in the strongest terms. Anti-Islamic actions and insults to our sacred values are unacceptable. Also, the Turkish Foreign Minister canceled his trip to Sweden. In addition to strongly condemning the desecration of the Holy Quran, Saudi Arabia also demanded strict action against those responsible.

On the other hand, leaders of Iran and Iraq summoned Swedish diplomats and called a strong protest against them. Bilawal Bhutto, foreign minister of Pakistan, also stated that “ it is not the way to express the freedom of expression. This act of islamophobia has hurt the emotions of 1.5 Billion Muslims worldwide”.  Due to the world protest, Sweden's Foreign Minister Tobias Bullstrom stated that Islamophobic incitement is terrifying. We allow freedom of expression in our country, but this doesn't mean that the Swedish government or I support this kind of move and act.

Prime Minister of Pakistan and PTI chairman Imran Khan, Punjab CM Pervaiz Elahi, and OIC secretary-general strongly condemned the unholy act of desecrating the Holy Quran by Right-wing extremists in Sweden the other day.



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