According to recent report by HRW, a woman in India is sexually assaulted every 16 minutes.


Newstoday: A gang rape takes place every 30 hours in India, whereas a woman is sexually assaulted every 16 minutes. According to a story on Women's Day in Kashmir Media Service, India is the worst country in the world for women since even a cow is protected there, but women's dignity is not. The survey also noted that minority women, such as Muslims, Dalits, and Christians, experience great mental anguish and humiliation in India and are often viewed as second-class citizens. The survey showed that one of the most dangerous cities is India's capital, New Delhi. More than two-thirds of all cases in the country were recorded from Uttar Pradesh to Rajasthan and from Kerala to Madhya Pradesh, with Kolkata reporting the fewest cases.

According to the NCRB report that there were 28,046 confirmed rape cases in India in 2020, averaging 77 instances per day. This figure was 32 thousand in the year of 2019, 33 in the year of 2018, and 32,559 in the year of 2017. Under the Modi administration, there have been so many instances of sexual abuse in India that the country has begun to be referred to internationally as the Republic of India.

Sabahat Abid


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