Cyclone Wreaks Havoc in New Zealand; Dead Bodies Recovered from the Roofs of the House


Newstoday: Auckland: The destructive Cyclone Gabriel struck New Zealand, leaving 4 people dead and several others wounded. The greatest storm New Zealand has ever seen prompted the government to declare a state of emergency, according to the World News Agency. The army took part in the relief efforts as well. Although Hurricane Gabriel's force has marginally decreased, rescue efforts are still turning up corpses and injured people.

Military helicopters transported the people trapped on residential roofs to a safe location. Four dead bodies were also discovered from the rooftops in the meanwhile. The typhoon caused devastation in the 5.1 million-person nation. The property was also damaged, and 10.5 thousand individuals found themselves without a place to live. The nation has not seen such a terrible storm in years, the Prime Minister of New Zealand said in a letter to the families of those who died in the hurricane.

Sabahat Abid


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