Govt to Increase Electricity Price by 3 Rs Per Unit on the Request of IMF

NewsToday: In the last meeting of Pakistan with the IMF, Pakistani Govt decided to increase the price of electricity units. According to the ministry of finance sources, a discussion was held between Pakistan and the IMF in the energy sector, during which the IMF demanded to cancel the deal of debt of 4100 billion rupees in the gas and electricity sector.

According to the Finance minister, the IMF demanded to raise the price of electricity by 3 rupees per unit. The total increase in units by Rs 6 per unit till August. Nine hundred fifty-two billion rupees in revolving debt will reduce the fiscal year. According to another statement, Rs 200 billion will be collected from customers after increasing the electricity tariff price.According to Ministry of Finance sources, the electricity sector revolving debt is 2500 billion, and the gas sector's revolving debt is 1600 billion.

Sabahat Abid


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