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India’s Tata Group Decides to Hire Employees Fired by Elon Musk From Twitter

Sabahat Abid
21 November,2022

NewsToday:  After Elon Musk fired India's workforce, India's major car manufacturing companies, Tata and Jaguar, opened more than 800 roles. Twitter employs more than half of its employees from India. Twitter's entire system has been disrupted since it was sold to Elon Musk.

It was also reported that Twitter has closed its operations and plans to exit India. Bloomberg also stated that Amazon is laying off 10,000 staff, while META is laying off 11,000 workers. Many of the world's largest corporations' CEOs have launched a program encouraging entrepreneurs to build their own fin-tech businesses. Barclays offers almost 3,000 available positions for technology workers worldwide, including engineering and innovation.

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"If you've begun a new chapter in your life, there's something amazing in store for you." Tata Motors in India stated that they are looking for skilled workers who can construct their own next generation of electric vehicles.

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